Meghan Sheridan

Meghan is no stranger to boosting the moral of teenagers with the power of outdoor activities and exercise, as she moved to Utah in 2001 to work as a backpacking guide with at-risk youth. Meghan always says she moved to Utah for the skiing, but stayed for the biking, and now can't imagine life without racing bikes. Meghan does it simply because it makes her feel good. There is nothing like the medicine of racing mountain bikes and fueling the body, mind, and spirit. Bringing this to teenagers in these difficult times, at the least, can give them something to feel good about. But it is no secret that getting outside and releasing endorphins boosts self esteem, morale, and a sense of well-being.

To fuel her habit, Meghan races every local mountain bike race possible, from XC Midweek Races and ICUP Series, to the Park City Point to Point, to some gravel races, including the Wild Horse and the Crusher in the Tusher. She also races the local cyclocross series and many weekends you might even find her climbing a canyon on her road bike. To say she is passionate about the sport is an understatement.

She is self-trained and has a wealth of knowledge about training, recovery, sleeping, eating, gear, and maintaining work-life balance. As her day job entails maintaining a litigation law practice where she primarily defends insurance companies' insureds in accidents and assists her clients with risk management. She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Penn State University and a law degree from the University of Utah. It would be an honor to impart her enthusiasm for the sport and support the Utah highschoolers to have the best experience possible in their league.