Sponsorship Overview


Your decision to become a sponsor is vital to the success of this league and will provide a lasting impact on Utah's students, families and communities.  Additionally, you will also have a unique opportunity to connect, communicate, build awareness and cultivate brand loyalty with an ever increasing group of league participants and supporters.  


With a life-long focus and established on the principles of "Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Character, Inclusivity and Equality", the Utah league's is making a difference in the lives of ~2500 Utah teens, their families and our communities. Students are getting outside, getting in shape, making friends, improving their academia, and find the joy of riding and belonging to a team. Parents become involved and discover this is the one sport they can actually enjoy "with" their students and the entire family start riding. Communities are impacted as we promote trail-building and environmental awareness, and host races.



Sponsors are provided a unique opportunity to connect with 2500+ families and 900 coaches at our races, coach training events, Leader Summits, Student Leadership Summits, and annual Awards Banquet. Sponsors also receive additional brand exposure through our social media, website, newsletters, logo placement, announcements, clothing and merchandise. 

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