Because of our sponsors and generous donors, the league has acquired a fleet of bikes to be used by high school student athletes facing economic circumstances that prevents them from owning their own bikes.

Program overview and guidelines:

  • The bikes are strictly intended to be used by high school student-athletes with financial challenges.

  • Bikes will be distributed to head coaches on a needs-based first come first served basis.

  • The head coaches are responsible for the bikes. Coaches check the bikes out and agree to return the bikes in clean working condition at the end of the season.

  • Coaches must take the bikes to and from practices and races. The bikes NEVER go home with the student-athletes. This prevents the bikes from disappearing (bikes have been lost, stolen and even sold in other leagues). In addition, the student-athletes and their parents should feel the difference, to appreciate the bike and the responsibility, and to motive them to attain their own bike, all of which may be overlooked if the bikes were to go home with the kids.

  • All teams are encouraged to adopt a minimum level of academic performance into their team constitutions. At the least, student-athletes must meet the "no pass, no play" threshold as established by the State Board of Education in order to qualify for and retain use of League-owned loaner bikes. Head coaches are responsible for ensuring their student-athletes comply with the standard.

  • Due to the limited number of loaner bikes, we would like to ensure that the riders who receive a bike commit to participation in three (3) races of the 2018 season.

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how to apply for a loaner bike:

Loaner Bike Application Available April 1, 2019

  • Team Name

  • Head Coach Name

  • Coach's email and phone

  • Student-athlete

  • Student-athletes age and grade

  • Bike size requested -- XS, S, M, L, XL

  • Note: If applying for more than one bike, please rank order your request. The League has a limited number of bikes and as such it may not be possible to fulfill all requests.