Kim Christensen

Kim Christensen started out in the bike scene being support crew for her husband and his teammates as they raced cross country and different 24-hour races.  Eventually, somewhere around 2001 she purchased a bike and started to ride. She now joined him at races as a teammate, occasionally forming her own teams and racing in 24-hour events.  

In 2013 her oldest daughter joined the composite team, the Flying Monkeys. Kim helped coach and decided to fully commit to helping develop and support the team.  When the Flying Monkeys eventually divided into separate teams, Kim took the position of Head Coach for Desert Hills High School. Kim has participated with the league for 6 years, with 2019 will be her second year as a head coach.

The league has been a huge tool in growing her girls love of  riding.

Kim's family is slightly addicted to biking. Both she and her husband along with their two girls ride every chance they get!