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Coach Training & Education

Coaches are the backbone of our program and we want to provide the support and education they need to confidently provide a safe and positive environment for students while making mountain biking fun.


Below are current schedules for all our coach training courses. To register, please click on the date. Upon completion, upload certificates in your NICA Pit Zone coach account. Leaders Summits and On-the-Bike training are free to all league alumni.  Email Heather with any questions.

2019 leaders summits

Date:                                        Location:                                                                        Cost:
To Be Announced!!                  

The Utah High School Cycling League’s leaders summits bring together any new coach, current coach or parent volunteer to develop skills and knowledge, share strategies, and build community. A variety of classes are offered to educate both new and experienced coaches, from "Intro to NICA and NICA Coach Licensing" to "Fundraising and Managing Large NICA Teams".  Required for License Level 3. 

Prerequisite Training:



Class:            Dates:                   Location:         
To Be Announced!!

Time: TBA
Cost: TBA

LEARN THE SKILLS TO TEACH THE SKILLS. Coaches learn the progressive steps needed to teach anyone both basic and advanced mountain biking skills. Coaches also learn about experiential teaching techniques, how to accommodate different learning styles, and how to create a positive learning environment for young riders. Four hours of this clinic is outside on your bike, so please bring your bike and appropriate riding gear for the weather. Taught by NICA Certified Skills Trainers.

Required for License Levels 2 & 3.

CeU Credit

NICA Resources Visit NICA's Education Webpage to learn about different ways to complete continuing education units.

Utah League Webinars The following 2017 LS seminars were filmed and are are available for coaches to watch for CEU credit. Each is worth 1 CEU hour. Email Tasha to access.

  • How to Start/Manage a Team: 1- Start With Why... create your culture (Lori Harward), 2- Identify What... roles and responsibilities (Whitney Pogue)

  • How to Start/Manage a Team: 3- Determine "how" ... delegate and demand (Whitney Pogue)

  • Sponsorship & Donors (Davy Kammer)

  • In-the-Zone: mental preparation for your student athletes (Eric Yelsa)

  • Working with an Injured Athlete (Eric Yelsa)

First Aid Certification

Coaches can take BFA/CPR or WFA from any licensed institution. Fred donates his time to lower costs for Utah League coaches  to attain these certifications.

Basic First Aid & CPR

This is a one-day, 4-hour course. To register, click on date

Cost: $30
Time: TBA 

Date:                 Location:
To Be Announced!!        

Basic First Aid/CPR is required for License Levels 2 & 3. 

The CPR portion will be taught during the first half of the class and then anyone scheduled to take the WFA will be excused.  Basic First Aid will be taught during the second half of the class (and is covered in WFA).  Certification is valid for 2 years
Fred Jepsen - Emergency Care and Safety Institute, Association for Health and Wellness

Wilderness First Aid

WFA is a two-day training. To register, click on date.

Cost:  $80 (includes WFA books)
Times: TBA

Dates:                     Location:  
To Be Announced!

Wilderness First Aid is a requirement for License Level 3 and great information for ANYONE working with the students. 

Basic First Aid & CPR are required prerequisites for this course.  (WFA certificate can be “held” until completion of CPR/First Aid.)

WFA is a hands-on course designed to prepare anyone who enters the wilderness to confidently and effectively respond to injuries and illness that can occur while on the trail.  Certification is valid for 2 years
Fred Jepsen - Emergency Care and Safety Institute, Association for Health and Wellness