Rider registration is closed for the 2019 season

coach registration will remain open until November for the 2019 season

Registration timeline:

April 1: Registration opens

July 1: On-time registration deadline. Fees increase by $10 after July 1.

July 19 at 11:59 pm: FINAL REGISTRATION DEADLINE. Riders will not be allowed to register after this date.

Registration fees:

Jr Development: $230*

High School: $280*

*The 2019 fee is a single, one-time-payment that covers all practices, races, and any other Utah High School Cycling League events during the 2019 season.




For Riders & Parents:

New Riders:  Please request an emailed pit zone invitation from your head coach. From the email, use the one-time link to set up an account and then follow the steps to complete the registration process. All rider registration is now associated with a parent or guardian email. You may use the same email for multiple rider accounts and one coach account.

Existing/Returning Riders: Returning riders should be re-sent invitations by their coach. If you did not receive an invite, you may still log in directly at with your email and password that you used the previous year. Notify your coach if your account is inactive.

Family Dashboard: Existing and Returning riders will be prompted to set up a parent or guardian login.  It is not required if registration is already completed for the season. However, if the family would like to establish a family dashboard, returning riders will need to go through the steps to set up their parent or guardian login.  For a complete walkthrough of the how a returning rider establishes their family dashboard watch this short video.

When registering for the 2019 season, "Current Grade" is the grade your student will be in during the fall of 2019. 

For Coaches: 

New Coaches, Assistants, Ride Leaders: Please communicate with your head coach to register and visit our coach licensing page.  You will upload all coach licensing documentation directly online in the Pit Zone.

New Teams: Please email about starting a new team or becoming a head coach or team director.

Please contact your head coach with registration questions.

For further information regarding registration, please contact Tasha.

privacy policy

The Utah League and NICA values its participants' privacy. Parents or legal guardians must complete the registration of students and sign waivers. Your personal information is not shared with any third parties. During the registration process, you can choose to opt-in and share your information with Dirt Rag and IMBA. By registering with the Utah League, you agree to receive internal correspondence. 



Q: How do I register through the Pit Zone?
Your coach sends an email invitation from the PitZone.  Once you have clicked on the invitation link, follow the registration process, filling in all information and paying the NICA/League fees.  

Q: Can I participate before I am fully registered?
NO. Riders must be fully registered in order to participate at practices or any other Utah High School Cycling League events. Riders ARE NOT INSURED until they are fully registered (signed waiver and complete payment).

Riders may attend one (1) team practice as a “try-it-out” ride before registering. A parent/guardian must sign a waiver before the rider may participate in one practice. The waiver may be provided by the coach or can be found HERE.

Q: I can’t remember my email/username to login?
The email invitation was sent to the email you used to sign up. Your coach can also verify your email login.  If you forgot your password, click on the forgot password link.  

Q: I entered incorrect information (e.g. birthdate, medical information), how do I change this?
Re-login and change the info clicking the “rider profile” button, then the “rider information” tab, and then the “edit” button.

Petition to change category: A petition must be submitted if a rider would like to race in any category that is different than the one they are placed in at the beginning of the season. Petitions must be completed by the coach and can be found in the Head Coach Toolkit (only accessible to head coaches). 

Q: My school or area does not have a team, how do I register?
If your school or area does not have a team (i.e. there are no high school teams or composite teams nearby that you can race with) you can race as an Independent Rider.  Contact Tasha to register as an Independent. 

Coaches’ REGISTRATION Questions:

Q: Can past student athletes be coaches.
Yes! League alumni are encouraged to become coaches. We cover Leaders Summit and On-the-Bike Training costs for league alumni. Being 18 years or older is a requirement to coach.

Q: Why do I have a Red Exclamation mark next to my name?
The Red Exclamation mark indicates that a coach is missing one of the requirements to confirm their coach license.  If you hover over the Red Exclamation mark, it will list what items are missing.  Any other coach license questions, please email 

Q: How do I delete riders that will no longer be racing on our team?
As a coach, you do not have the ability to delete riders but you can mark them “inactive”.  Click on the rider under your team, and click in the upper right hand corner “deactivate rider.”  We recommend deactivating riders that are no participating on the team.   

Q: I invited a rider to the Pit Zone, but they can’t find their invitation link?
Go into your team page, and find the rider’s email.  If it is still in e-mail address form the rider has not clicked on the invitation link.  Once you click on the rider, you will see the unique invitation link they need to click on to register in the orange box.  Click the blue “edit and re-send the invitation link.”  Then click Re-send Rider Invitation.  If the link is not there, that means they have already started the registration process.  Have them login to the Pit Zone using the email address you invited them to the Pit Zone with.  If they forgot their password, there is a forgot password link. 

 Team REGISTRATION Questions:


Q: How much does it cost to register a team?

  • Division 1 Teams
    Compliant Discount: $250, Non-Compliant: $375

  • Division 2 Teams
    Compliant Discount: $125, Non-Compliant: $250

  • First Year Teams
    New for 2019: the team fee will be waived for first year teams. Teams are still asked to have a Level 2 Licensed Coach in order to run insured practices.


Q: How do I register a team?
The League Director sends an email invite to the head coach (or Team Director). The head coach (or Team Director) must complete registration and payment before the application for insurance can be processed (this process is automatic once registration and payment are received).  When a certificate of insurance has been issued, the team is clear to begin team practice.  

Q: How do I know if a team is ready to practice (i.e. is fully insured)?
After the team has paid their fees in the pit zone, the league is notified and the insurance is processed. The head coach or team director will be emailed a Certificate of Insurance within a couple days after fees are paid.    

Q: What is a "Team Director" role in the Pit Zone?
"Team Director" role is an administrative access permission for the team in the pit zone. Nothing more. This person must complete a background check and have a Level 1 NICA Coach License, even if they are NOT riding with students. 
Assigning this role for the team must be done by the League, please contact Tasha

Q: How do I come up with a Team Name, and why is this important?
It is important that team names follow the team name guidelines: Use your official school name completely written out (do not abbreviate) along with “HS” for high school and “Jr Devo” for 7-8th grade teams, for example write out “New Vista HS.” Do not use words such as “Club, Team, MTB, or Racing.” Composite teams should use their local name plus the word “Comp,” for example “Grand Valley Comp.” These names show up in team result pages.  You can make changes to your team name under team properties when you login to the Pit Zone as a Team Director.   

Q: How do I know if a team should be Division I or Division II?
Teams are placed into divisions after registration closes based on the number of registered high school riders. Teams of about 50 or more riders will likely be placed in Division I and teams of about 50 or fewer riders will likely be placed in Division II. These numbers are subject to change.