Drew Jordan

Chair of Ethics, Rules, and Compliance Committee

Shortly after his 12th birthday Drew converted his Schwinn Stingray with banana seat to a BMX bike, borrowed a motorcycle helmet and entered his first BMX race.  Since that first race back in 1980 he has been an avid cyclist riding and racing bicycles in events around the world.  Often referred to as "Diesel" Drew prefers long distance or multi-stage endurance mountain bike races.

Drew joined the Utah League when it was conceived .  He worked with school administrators, recruited students, and started up the East High School MTB Team.  This team was soon followed by the SLC Composite MTB team.  For 3 years Drew was the head coach of these two teams.  In 2014 Drew and his wife Lucy were nominated as coaches of the year for the Utah League.

Drew comes from a military background after serving 9 years as a US Naval Aviator in various posts around the world.  Currently he is a Captain flying for Southwest Airlines  based in Las Vegas NV.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Management degree from Tulane University and his Master of Science in Management degree from Troy State University. 

Drew and his wife Lucy live in the Sugarhouse area.  They are attracted to Salt Lake City and the Utah region due to its extensive outdoor opportunities and its tight knit bicycling community.  When they are not working you will find the two of them promoting  opportunities for our youth.  Drew focuses on promoting accessibility for youth in the outdoors and Lucy focuses on promoting opportunities for women in Geosciences.

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