Lori Barrett

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Lori found both her community and her professional home in the cycling industry. Two wheels has always equaled freedom for Lori, having raced everything from road and track bikes to cross country and enduro mountain bikes.

Lori transitioned into working in the bike industry from a modest career as a road racer and director of a women’s elite development team, where she found pro team rides for other talented ladies. From managing event and athlete sponsorship for Clif Bar in Texas, she moved into sales roles in the bike industry, eventually accepting a Sales Manager position with a carbon wheel company in Utah. Cut to the present, where she is the VP of Business Development for Spanish brand ROTOR Bike Components, managing their North American subsidiary, based out of Salt Lake City. 

Lori still loves flying through the air on her mountain bike, and is stoked to help bring her love of bikes to future generations with the Utah High School Mountain Bike League.

Tasha Heilweil