One Coach - Sarah Beck

"I am nominating Sarah Beck from Brighton High School for head coach of the year. I trust that you will have both a male and female coach of the year because of the awesome influence these coaches have on the kids. Sarah has an incredibly heavy responsibility coaching two sophomore girls and two freshmen girls as well as eight sophomore boys and 3 freshmen boys of which my son Tim Olsen is a part of. Ryan, her husband, is also a head coach and he is responsible for the JV and varsity boys which he struggles to keep up with. Sarah rides with her team every practice exemplifying a strong body and she has two children on the team as well: Abigale Beck who is 8th overall in her sophomore D1 girls group and Hayden Beck who is 14th overall in his JV D1 boys group. You must have a strong mind and body to help coach your own kids! Sarah is always upbeat and happy teaching the kids "mental toughness" in adversity. She encourages them to "finish" what they start and to get into the "zone" when times get hard. She doesn't let perfection get in the way of excellence! Sarah exemplifies strong character by ordering and distributing all the team gear and uniforms. She informs everyone about practices, pre-rides, and races by email and texts. She follows through by tying up all the loose ends. Without Sarah the "wheels on the bikes" would stop rolling! Inclusivity is Sarah's middle name. My son, Tim Olsen, has always struggled with being very shy and suffers from extreme anxiety. He could barely talk to people and would look down at the ground all the time. Sarah reached out to Tim and made him feel welcome. She has helped stage him for races as well as look out for the other kids at the same time. Tim finished 60th at the first race at Soldier Hollow and has steadily improved to being ranked 20th overall after the race at Snow Basin. Tim now has more confidence, talks to other team members, and has more friends at Brighton High School. Sarah has helped Tim change his life forever!! Equal treatment means more to Sarah than treating everyone the same. She is all about helping all team members become the BEST THEY CAN BE by being attuned to each person's special needs regardless of their background, beliefs, or abilities. Sarah Beck is not just an awesome head coach, she is totally awesome, better yet, she is freaking AWESOME!!!"

This is taken from the 2014 Spirit Award Nominations