One Volunteer

Sherry Thurgood - Volunteer Extraordinaire 

Many of you students might remember Sherry when she was the league's staging manager, where she gave new bike socks to nervous students to help them calm down. 

Sherry was the 2013 NICA Volunteer of the Year Award recipient. Several nominations were submitted to NICA for Sherry, the following was my nomination.

"Sherry has been involved with the league from our very first year. She was at the first team meeting held in our state and came up to me and asked how she could help out. Cyclefest was coming up and so I put her to work. She handled registration and helped with the auction. When it came time for the races, she was there again - volunteering to help. For our first 2 race seasons, she comes and helps set up all day on Friday and then works all day on race day too. She doesn't stop until I have finally stopped myself. (which at our first race in 2013 - that was 11:00PM) She just keeps asking me what else she can help with. On race day, not only is she up early and helping us get started, but she also manages the staging all day. While others are enjoying the race, you will see her busy with some aspect of the race from helping the Chief Course Marshal to staging, or to passing out lunch, and finally tear down. When me, Dan, and Dave are obviously tired at the end of the race day and really don't want to load the trailer - Sherry usually starts packing it up and it motivates the rest of us to get our acts together. Not until we are in our cars and ready to go does she finally stop. And this is year number 2 of her helping! She inspires the rest of us. The most amazing thing though is that she does all this without any recognition or limelight. While everyone else is enjoying the race, I doubt they even notice her working. But I notice! Because thanks to her, my burden is lighter and our events run smoother and successfully. She definitely emulates the NICA core principles and the qualities of this award. Please recognize Sherry Thurgood for the 'Volunteer of the Year' award. "
NICA Awards nomination written by Lori Harward, League Director, in 12/2013.

I wish I could nominate Sherry again because there is so much more I could add. Of course Sherry continued to help on the race crew in 2014-15 even though Brad, her son, had graduated. But 2015 was unreal. While the league was preparing to host the largest races ever experienced in NICA, I was experiencing a difficult time in my life. Sherry took on extra duties/jobs to help me so I could get more sleep. (It's not uncommon for me to work 80+hours/week during the race season and not get enough sleep) She called me constantly to make sure I was ok and make me laugh. All this while being very sick herself. She has had health issues over several years, which led to serious complications this fall.  Sherry is the most selfless, giving and service-oriented person I have ever met. Sherry also has a knack for entertaining the race crew and making us laugh with her fantastic personality. As Sidney Tupai said, "Sherry is the perfect combination of crazy and awesome!" And the entire race crew loves her.