About Fred. Fred became interested in First Aid way back in 1975 as a pharmacy student. He first started teaching in 1978 and taught for the American Red Cross until 2012. During that time, Fred dedicated his time to being an EMT, Wilderness EMT, First Responder and an instructor – in all of those areas!   In 1988, Fred went to work full time for the Boy Scouts and taught on a volunteer basis to the general public. He taught over 400 students a year for the BSA. In 2012, Fred left the American Red Cross, and joined with ECSI to provide more affordable classes. Pleased with their program, both as a student and also as an instructor, Fred has been there since. 

Fred doesn’t just train, he mountain bikes too! Fred has spent a lot of time in the outdoors and with the sport of biking. Years and pounds ago (his words), Fred raced a little on the local road racing circuit, then spent a number of years mountain biking all over Utah. Fred also hosted many trips yearly, for young mountain bike riders, to Moab and other popular riding areas. His family still rides a lot, so he understands the needs found while out biking. In 2012, Fred retired from the Boy Scouts and has since become a dedicated instructor and full time grandpa.