We are a volunteer organization and without our parents, coaches, and dedicated cyclists our programs wouldn't exist. 

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Parents this is you! Our teams need your help to make sure their rides have the best experiences. From providing snacks to riding with the team, our parents make some of the best volunteers. 

For information on how to volunteer with a team please talk with the head coach of the team. 

Race Day Volunteers

Race day volunteers are what make our events a success. Volunteering for a race is a single day (or a few hours) commitment and is perfect for someone who wants to be involved, but is limited on time. 

See below for information on how to volunteer at a race. 


All Adult volunteers and coaches who are RIDING with our students must be registered through NICA at a General Volunteer Level. This certification ensures that our students will be safe and all adults are insured through NICA.  Visit our Licensing Page for more info.

If you have questions about becoming a team volunteer or for an invitation to Pitzone, please talk to the head coach of the team.  If you are interested in volunteering, but aren't sure if team or race day is best for you, please email Lori@utahmtb.org.