Stuart Willick, Utah League parent, coach and Professor of Sports Medicine at the University of Utah, started working with NICA over two years ago to bring this safe study to fruition. They are utilizing the University of Utah research technology and software (REDCap) with a goal to improve safety and reduce injury in our sport (in NICA). The U uses this same research technology and software in all of it's sports programs and para Olympics programs to improve safety and reduce injury.

The NICA Safety Study uses self-reporting from coaches to track injuries during Utah league-sanctioned practices and races. 


  • Make our sport safer and reduce injury. The information collected can be systematically analyzed to identify risk factors and mechanisms of injury, leading to strategies for injury prevention/reduction. The software has endless capabilities and can even be used over time to analyze concussion safety of specific helmets or the frequency of injuries of students on 29er vs 27.5, etc.

  • Study performed by a local, highly reputable professor and research facility that you know and trust. The University of Utah Sports Medicine Department follows all local, state, and federal laws, including being HIPPA compliant. Names are not included in injury data. (NICA will provide specific details)

  • Facilitate injury reporting for Head Coaches.


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