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A new partnership with National Ability Center (NAC) will enable the league and it's teams to provide the extra care, instruction, and equipment for both physically and mentally disabled youth; and increase the number of participants.  

Your support will enable:

  • Elevate students to meet weekly at the NAC under their direction with trained staff and adaptive cycles.
  • NAC to provide training for our coaches wanting to have special needs students integrated into their teams.
  • Elevate students to participate on league teams and in league races.

The Utah League is a 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible

The Elevate Program was started in 2015 thanks to a wonderful young man named Elijah Palmer and his family. Elijah had been the team manager for Corner Canyon team when Lori told his dad, "You figure out how to get him on any kind of bike and I will figure out the racing." That led Palmers to bring the "I Can Shine" program to Utah, enabling many special kids to ride a bike for the first time in their lives. Three high school students raced on an adaptive course with the Utah League that fall, bringing joy and tears to participants, volunteers, and spectators. In true Utah League fashion, we hope to grow this program by 1000%, increasing to ~30 students. 



utah league scholarship funds

All donations to the Utah since it's inception in 2012 have gone to the Utah League Scholarship Fund to enable students in need to participate in our program.  Funds have enabled teams to be started in low income areas, to purchase league loaner bikes, and assist students in need with fees, jerseys and other equipment (see images below). 




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