Coaches are the backbone of our organization and directly impact student athletes' lives in a positive way. 

NICA's Coach Licensing Program ensures that all adults working with our students have met the Safe Kids Policy criteria, and are insured.

To become a coach start with License Level 1 and take it one step at a time throughout the year as opportunities arise to complete additional requirements. Minimum requirement to ride with/coach our students is License Level 1 as per NICA "Safe Kids Policy". 

NICA recently updated the licensing criteria and re-named the license levels. License levels and coach titles are two separate things. Level 3 would be equivalent to previous Head Coach License. We suggest any coaches leading rides attain Level 2 or higher. "NICA On-the-Bike Skills" is formerly MTB 101 and Risk Management is now an annual online requirement. Please click button for details.

 The Utah League provides several coach trainings to fulfill licensing requirements. 

We're here to help:
New Coach Mentor - Greg Steffen
North Region Coach Rep - Heather Williams
South Region Coach Rep - Ron Jensen

League Director - Lori Harward


First Year Teams 
Required to have at least one registered Level 2 Coach to receive compliancy discount.

Second Year Teams 
Required to have at least one registered Level 3 Coach to receive compliancy discount.

Third Year Teams 
Head Coach maintains a Level 3 License to receive compliancy discount.