Heather Williams

Heather Dawn Williams born on two wheels. I grew up in Southern California and spent many of my childhood hours on our family ranch in Anza, CA either riding a motorcycle or on a BMX bike. I think a horse was involved for a short time but it never went fast enough.  I started racing BMX in Altadena, CA at the age of 5.  I soon found that racing the girls was not enough so I took to racing the boys, but they did not like getting beat by a girl so they asked that I stay with the girls.  My family traveled me all around southern cal to race from Azusa even to National in Vegas.  I soon turned to the motorcycle until my softball career took over in high school.  I found mountain biking attending Utah State in 2004.  You can find my name in the fifth spot against the likings of Missy Giove at a downhill race in Moab back in the day, but I was not on a factory bike, I was on a hard tail Raleigh, ha!  I have a Bachelor Degree in Education Teaching Physical Education with a Minor in Health from Utah State.  I also have a Master Degree in Instructional Writing from University of Phoenix.  I have coached girls basketball, girls soccer, and won many team championships doing this but nothing compares to being apart of the Utah Mountain Bike League.  It quickly took over my life after my quick trip to Colorado with Lori when she was putting the bid together to get the League started.  I never imagined how many lives it would change for the better including my own.  In one aspect or another I will always be involved whether that is coaching or helping Lori.  

Jason Christiansen