2018 Spirit and scholarship awards


Spirit Award Nominations are open!

The Utah League Spirit Awards are based upon NICA's 5 Core Principles - Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Character, Inclusivity and Equality. Students are nominated by their coaches, fellow student athletes, or parents for their demonstration and representation of NICA's Core Principles.

Students, coaches, and volunteers may be nominated by coaches, volunteers, parents, and other student athletes within the Utah League.

One nomination per person per award. You do not need to nominate for every award when completing the form.

Awards are not based upon the number of nominations a nominee gets, but upon the details provided in the nominee description.

Winners are selected by the sponsor of the award.

*Nominations are due by Sunday, October 7 (midnight).

Awards will be given at the Awards Ceremony in St. George after the State Championship Races on October 20th. Location to be announced.

Board Scholarship Award Nominations now open!

To apply: please complete the Application Form and submit a written OR video essay based on our 2018 Theme (Overcoming Challenges) OR our 5 Core Principles (Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Character, Inclusivity, and Equality).
Please tell us about yourself and why you joined your mountain bike team and how it's impacted your life. Get personal and passionate. Written essays should not exceed 1,500 words and video essays should not exceed 4 minutes in length.

Applications due by October 9, 2018 (by midnight).

You must meet the following qualifications:
Graduating spring 2019.
Compete in at least two UHSCL races during 2018 season.
Enroll in a college, university, technical or trade school in 2019 (Recipients entering military, church or charity service may defer scholarship until they return.)

You can upload files >250MB directly into this form.
If your file is larger than 250MB, please use the dropbox button below.