2014 Utah Leaders’ Summit

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  • MTB 101 $85 (Sat or Sun)
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The Utah High School Cycling League’s annual Leaders’ Summit brings together coaches, assistant coaches, ride leaders, and parent volunteers—both new and experienced—to develop skills and knowledge, share strategies, and build community. This conference will promote a holistic approach to coaching that creates an environment in which young people can grow and thrive. This is a great opportunity to spend a weekend in the company of peers and energize for the upcoming season. Summits also fulfill the Professional Development Units required to attain NICA Coach Licenses.

Click here for complete details on NICA Coach License Requirements.

Saturday April 26 & Sunday April 27

Summit Academy
1285 East 13200 South
Draper, Utah 84020

SATURDAY SEMINARS: Classes cover the nuts and bolts of working with high school and middle school student athletes in the context of a NICA mountain bike club. Seminars cover basic knowledge all NICA coaches should be aware of and incorporating.  A variety of classes are offered to educate both new and experienced coaches.

 Fulfills Professional Development Units for Head Coach & Assistant Coach licenses

Saturday Seminars
Time Class Presenter   Details
8:00-8:30AM Check in & light breakfast  bagels, juice & fruit
8:15-8:30AM Welcome & Introduction  Lori Harward
8:30-9:45AM How to Start & Manage a High School MTB Team (including working with Admin & building community)  Judd Zimmerman Recommended for new coaches
8:30-9:20AM Starting Your Own Nonprofit – Should you & How  Sue Kertesz
9:20-10:20AM Tips to be Successful in Working with Diverse Students (including those with disabilities) and Difficult Parents  Heather Goodwin-Nelson Common examples include but are not limited to: Autism spectrum, ADHD, mental health, and emotional disabilities, addiction and eating disorders
9:45-11:15AM   Engaging & Motivating Adolescents, Coaches Licensing, Coach/Athlete Benefits, & NICA Rulebook Evan Hyde  Recommended for new coaches
10:20-11:15AM Working with Junior Development 7th & 8th Graders Heather Williams Developmental differences between middle school and high school. Including games and strategies for keeping them engaged, motivated, and having fun while learning skills.
11:15-12:15PM 2014 Training Program & “Ask Dave” Dave Harward All level coaches. Dave Harward of Plan 7 Coaching will provide a comprehensive training plan specifically for our 2014 season that you can use or adapt as needed. He will go over the training plan and answer any training questions you might have.
12:15-12:45PM Lunch Sandwich bar, vegies, fruit, chips, cookies
12:45-2:00PM How to Manage & Structure Practices and Race Day with Large Teams & Top Riders Whitney Pogue & Evan Hyde
2:00-3:00PM Fundraising/Sponsorship Presentation & Open Forum Whitney Pogue, Evan Hyde, Judd Zimmerman & Ron Jensen
3:00-5:00PM Nutrition Myths, Everyday Teen Nutrition, & Teen nutrition Specific to our Race Day Breanne Nalder Summit Auditorium – This presentation is open and free to all Students, Parents & Coaches.


MTB 101:  LEARN THE SKILLS TO TEACH THE SKILLS.  This clinic offers coaches the opportunity to learn the progressive steps needed to teach anyone (even yourself) both basic and advanced mountain biking skills. You will also learn about experiential teaching techniques, how to accommodate different learning styles, and how to create a positive learning environment for young riders. Much of this workshop is on the bike, so please bring your bike and appropriate riding and safety gear for the weather. Taught by licensed NICA Skills Trainers, Judd Zimmerman and Bart Gillespie.

Fulfills Professional Development Units for Ride Leader License

Time Class Presenter   Details
8:00-8:30AM Check in & light breakfast  bagels, juice & fruit
8:15-8:30AM Welcome & Introduction  Lori Harward
8:30-9:30AM Concussion Management & First Aid in the Field  Cameron Peterson
9:30-10:45AM Risk Management, Insurance & Mandatory Reporting Lori Harward
10:45-12:15PM MTB 101/In Classroom Skills Clinic  Bart Gillespie class size limited to 16
12:15-1:15PM  Lunch Sandwich bar, vegies & fruit, chips & cookies
1:15-4:15PM MTB 101/On-the-Bike Skills Clinic Bart Gillespie Draper bike park (by Equestrian Center)


Time Class Presenter   Details
8:00-8:30AM Check in & light breakfast  bagels, juice & fruit
8:15-8:30AM Welcome & Introduction  Lori Harward
8:30-9:30AM Concussion Management & First Aid in the Field  Cameron Peterson
9:30-10:45AM Risk Management, Insurance & Mandatory Reporting Lori Harward
10:45-12:15PM MTB 101/In Classroom Skills Clinic  Bart Gillespie & Judd Zimmerman class size limited to 32
12:15-1:15PM  Lunch Sandwich bar, vegies & fruit, chips & cookies
1:15-4:15PM MTB 101/On-the-Bike Skills Clinic Bart Gillespie  & Judd Zimmerman Draper bike park (by Equestrian Center)


  • Those seeking Head Coach or Assistant Coach licenses, please sign up for Saturday Seminars & Sunday MTB 101
  • Those seeking Ride Leader licenses, please sign up for either Saturday or Sunday MTB 101

About the Instructors:

Evan Hyde

Evan started cycling at the age of 19 and joined the Vanderbilt University Cycling Team, and raced from February thru October, both on the road and on the dirt. For 3 years in collegiate cycling I was racing road time trials, team time trials, road races, criteriums, cross country mountain bike races, mountain bike time trials, short track, dual slalom, downhill, and 4X!Upon graduating with a degree in civil engineering, he switched his focus to full time cycling. 2 seasons in Belgium racing road bikes with sporadic mountain bike racing always mixed in led to his first professional contract in 2010, and he raced professionally on the domestic road circuit in 2010 and 2011.In 2012, Evan stepped back from his professional career to explore other avenues. He has always had an interest in coaching, especially youth. Evan feels that coaching and riding with kids was some of the most rewarding time he has spent on a bicycle. He wishes he had discovered cycling earlier in life and coaching at the high school level is his way of helping kids find the amazing and lifelong sport of cycling earlier than most, as well as a way to share his knowledge and passion for the sport of cycling!Evan coaches the Park City High MTB Team (the largest team in UT League) and led them to Division 1 Team Champions at every race, Overall Team Champion, and State Team Champions.

Judd Zimmerman

Judd is the Head Coach of Division 1 Pleasant Grove Biking Vikings team. His professionalism and enthusiasm has created a strong and vibrant high school team. At his first team meeting in 2012, only 1 kid showed up, but that didn’t thwart Judd and by the time the season started, they were a Division 1 team with over 12 student athletes. He is also a licensed Skills Instructor through NICA and certified to teach MTB 101 across the nation. Not only does he have the skills mastered himself, but he is fantastic at teaching skills to any level of rider from beginner to pro, and most importantly teaching our coaches how to teach them to students.

“I have always loved mountain biking. When I was 14 a friend of mine and I would have our parent’s drop us off at the causeway to Antelope Island regularly and we would ride across the causeway out to the trails. We’d spend a few hours out on the trails and then back across the causeway. We use to ride 3 miles to Binghams Cyclery in sunset just to look at bikes and get all the catalogs. I would study the bikes and than tear out the pictures and hang them on my wall. I use to drool over the GT Avalanche and Specialized Rock Hopper. Fast-forward 17 years and I am still drooling over bikes:) But now I do my riding with my new best friend my wife. I am so lucky to be able to share my passion with her. We have 3 kids 2 of which love to get out and ride the striders and no doubt the 3rd one will when he’s big enough.

I wanted to coach because I love sharing my passion with others. I always wanted something like this when I was in school. I also want to do it for my kids so when they are old enough they have it there if they would like. The kids today are the future of everything we will have. I want to see the sport I love grow and what better way is there then through introducing kids to the fun and healthy activity of mountain biking that they can have their whole lives.”

Bart Gillespie

Bart GillespieBart is a professional mountain bike and cyclocross racer who has often been referred to as “The Working Man”. He juggles a family of 4 beautiful girls, a career as a physical therapist, instructing at the University of Utah PT School, owner at Gear Rush, coaching the Olympus High School MTB team, and teaching people how to shred on bikes! His 25 years of high level racing experience, passion for cycling, and teaching ability provides him with the attributes needed to help any rider raise their game. More confidence, more speed, more fun! He is also a licensed Skills Instructor through the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, and certified to teach MTB 101 across the country for NICA.

Whitney Pogue

Whitney cheering student athleteWhitney has been coaching since the inception of the Utah League. In 2012, she was the Head Coach for Summit Academy Team in 2012 and was honored as the SRAM Coach of the Year at the NICA Awards. In 2013 she became the Head Coach for the new Corner Canyon High School and continued her amazing efforts in directing the largest team in the entire nation with 78 registered student athletes.  Directing/managing this massive team was no small feat as practices alone often required at least 25 adult coaches at every practice. Additionally, she brings the expertise of how to successfully attaining sponsorship and raise funds. She and her assistants brought the true spirit of mountain bike racing with them to every race, complete with cowbells for everyone.

Whitney has a long history in the cycling community and in racing.  On their first date in 1995, she and her husband went mountain biking.  She started racing shortly after that and has been racing ever since. She is always looking for new ways to challenge and test herself whether it be ICUP races, 12-24 hour relays, Leadville 100, Park City Point to Point, LOTOJA or road stage races.  She’s always “checking off “ something from her bucket list.  Coaching in this league is no exception.  She is truly in her element coaching and connecting with her student athletes and finds it so rewarding to be giving back to the sport and introducing others to the sport she loves.

With a BS in Exercise Physiology, Masters in Occupational Therapy, past USCF coaching experience and over 20 years of group fitness and spin instructing she is always striving to stay current with the latest coaching and training strategies.

Whitney’s the mother of 4 children.  Her oldest daughter Sierra is on her team and is following in her mom’s footsteps.  Her other 3 kids are already hoping she will be their mountain biking coach when they’re in high school.

Cameron Peterson, MD

Picture of Cameron Peterson

Cameron Peterson’s specialty training is physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). His residency training was at the University of Utah and he has practiced in Logan, UT at IHC Logan Regional orthopedics for the past five years dealing with sports medicine, spine conditions, and neurologic problems such as head injuries. He is AWLS (Advanced Wilderness Life Support) certified and able to teach wilderness medicine. Cameron has been the head coach of Cache Valley Composite and SkyView for a year. Cameron thinks his wife likes her Specialized Enduro more than him, but feels ok about it. Together, they are raising four beautiful boys, between the ages of 7-15.  

Breanne Nalder

Breanne earned her BS in Biology from Westminster College, then went on to obtain a Masters degree (MS) in Nutrition and Sports Dietetics from the University of Utah. She is licensed as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and her main focus is private nutrition counseling and diet planning. As her nicknames (Breezy and busy bee Bre) as well as her logo (justB) describe, Breanne works hard to teach the science of food and how our bodies use nutrients as fuel to achieve optimal performance. So she practices what she preaches! Breanne is certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in group fitness, personal training, and pilates. On top of being an athlete her whole life, she races for t

Breanne Nalder

he K4 – DNA Cycling Team p/b Plan7. Accolades in the first year of this team include a few NRC podium finishes as well as the overall UCA points leader, State TT and Hill climb champion, and overall 2nd in the Utah state points series.  Breanne gets the information people need to stop dieting, get their nutrition questions answered, and build a personal nutrition plan anyone can stick to.

Contact Lori at lori@utahmtb.org for any questions


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